Join The Ogaden Community Afternoon Tea, A Day Of Culture And Other Fun Activities | 26/09/2016 |

The Ogaden Community Association has the pleasure of inviting you to join us for this upcoming events.

MP Ruth Cadbury meets London's Ogaden Community | 26/10/2016 |

Ruth Cadbury MP for Isleworth and Brentford met the Somali Ogaden Community in London. The Ogaden Community Association (OCA) had invited Cadbury to meet with them and join OCA Coffee Morning and discuss issues relating to OCA activities and Projects on Youth, Women and introduce the Somali Culture and Ogaden History. The OCA Women Group presented a Book to Cadbury as part of their Ogaden History Project. the Book is titled 438 Days.

Ogaden Community UK 2015-2016 activities | 26/10/2016 |

A summary of the Ogaden Community Association's activities during 2015 and 2016 (OCA-UK).

OCA Coffee Morning & Black History Ogaden Women | 01/10/2016 |

The Ogaden Community Association has the pleasure of inviting you to join us for these upcoming events.

OCA Meeting with Kate Green MP, Shadow Minister for Women and Equality | 13/12/2015 |
Ogaden Community Association (OCA) participated a discussion with Kate Green, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equality. The meeting which was organised by the Council of Somali Organisations addressed the issues faced by the Somali women in Britain.

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OCA Leadership Seminar | 08/12/2015 |

OCA Youth | 22/08/2015 |
The youth in the OCA are the face of the charity participating and running all the activities in the charity. They are a vital part of the charity and have an elected committee representing issues relating to them.

The youth committee are responsible for organising and running all social events in the charity including sports, open mic and quiz nights and trips as well as workshops in employment, health and wellbeing, education etc.

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Local History - Know Your Town | 15/08/2015 |

This is a new exciting research project the Ogaden Community has planned to allow young people to explore their local communities and find out the history of the place they call home.
The project will commence on the 22nd of August 2015 and is expected to last 10 weeks. The project has three phases:

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Health Inequality Project | 01/08/2015 |
The Ogaden Community Association (OCA) in collaboration with the SAMEC Trust have started an exciting research opportunity for young people that will identify health inequalities and service delivery in London. The purpose of this study is to increase awareness regarding the access to health services and explore ways to improve these services. The participants will design and conduct research with the support of the OCA and the SAMEC Trust staff members.

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The Role Of Ogaden Women In The Community | 23/11/2014 |
Women play an integral role in our community and in running the OCA. The OCA believes that Somali women are the backbone of the Somali community at large and most of the hardship faced by them in modern Britain, they have handled with dignity and perseverance, in the face of challenging conditions. They are the unspoken heroines of the Somali community.

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The OCA has the pleasure of inviting you to an Afternoon Tea, Day of Culture and many other fun activities with the Ogaden Community.

Date & Event Address
03 December 2016 - 3PM to 5PM
16 Merrick Road, Southall UB2 4AU
London, UK

For more information, please contact us at:
Phone: 075 3560 1005

The Ogaden Community Association (OCA) has recently completed the Health Inequality project and successfully celebrated the achievements of the young students in a ceremony held at the Ogaden Community Centre in London.

Click here to see a video of the event.
Partnered with Samec Trust